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China Timing Belt Pulley

Distribisyon Belt Pouli

The timing pulley is a special type of pulley system with teeth or pockets along the outside of the pulley body’s diameter. These teeth and pockets assist with timing and prevent misalignment.
Typical applications for timing pulleys include connecting and synchronizing the rotary motion of two shaft systems such as cams, cranks, and cylinder heads in automobile engines. They also serve as a power transmission element for conveyor belts, processing, and packaging applications.

China V belt Pulley

V senti pouli

V-belts are used for transmitting power from one shaft to another. They have trapezoidal cross-sections and fit perfectly into a pulley’s wedged groove, thus transmitting more force than flat belts.
They are also compact, with pulleys often close together in a single system. They also have low-noise operation and dampen vibration in the pulley drive.


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